When you have your first child, probably the most unused (and over purchased) accessory is the baby shoe. I have 12 pairs left over from my boys that I saved for my third child, and I didn't use a single one of them! Once I found Freshly Picked moccasins, I never tried another baby shoe again. They stay on and are so cute! And no, knockoffs are NOT the same! Freshly Picked shoes are quality and last forever! We also have enjoyed using the FP diaper bag this time around, as well as the mini diaper bag that I am using now that I don't need to bring as much "stuff" with us everywhere! The latest shoe from FP are these leather sandals and even though Liv isn't walking and we literally have no place to go during quarantine, I still put them on her all the time!

The best thing about Freshly Picked is definitely their subscription program, The Fringe. For $10/mo, you get a $10 credit towards anything on the site. You can save and stack, use for sale items, and when you're a member, you get 20% off everything, all the time! If you sign up for The Fringe using code FPxRUSSO5, your first month will be only $5, but you'll still get the full credit.

Happy Shopping!


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