I cannot even believe I just typed that title. She has a name! And a room! I have a daughter! WHAT?! This entire process has truly been too good to be true in so many ways. I have longed for a daughter for my entire life and I can't believe in 8 short week she will be here!

Creating Liviana's space was so fun, especially because I love decorating! It was really important to me for this space to be transitional so I wouldn't have to change much in the next few years. With the boys I went to "baby-ish" and by the time they were 2 it already felt time for a refresh! Once we convert the crib to a toddler bed, I don't feel like much will need to change and that always makes you feel like you got your money's worth!

The very first thing that I decided to purchase was this wallpaper from B. Darling Decor. I knew I wanted a fun wall to offset the design, and this was perfect. Plus it was super easy to hang! The gold light was one of my favorite "finds" because the price is crazy at under $100!

I actually loved the crib that I used for both boys, but my grandma had other plans! It was definitely "loved on" aka had multiple teeth marks from my boys chewing the railing, but it was still functional. My grandma surprised me with this crib and it was so meaningful (and generous) that I may make her sleep in it until she's 10! The braided crib bumper was a little hard to find, but I love using small Etsy shops when I get the chance.

I knew I would need some color to make the accent wall pop so I opted for these cool frames for some custom art! I got the inspiration for these from a conference I went to at my church. There were signs that said "You are Divine" and even though I didn't know what I was having, I knew that if it was a girl I wanted to incorporate that phrase. It's also no secret that we are all obsessed with California so this little addition was fun to add! Lastly - this banner! I love Sharptooth Studio for many reasons. I love being able to customize art, and the creator lived on my floor in college so I love using small shops that deserve all the love! She's so talented.

Know this about your kids - they will always pick the ugliest toys that will become their "favorites" that's why you just need to only give them the cute ones! I am obsessed with this large flamingo, ballerina and small soft flamingo!

The clear cart is my take on a "diaper changing station" because it just doesn't have to be ugly! I plan on stacking her diapers, wipes and creams here for easy access.

This dresser was also one of the first things I found, but I waited a while to purchase it because I wanted it to go on sale. It finally did, and good news, it currently is 52% off! It comes in white and graphite blue which would be really cute for a boy's nursery. (My friend actually uses this as oversized nightstands in her Master Bedroom and they look amazing. Not just nursery decor!) The curtains were also one of the first things that I purchased and I love them! I got them in the color "Peachy Pink." I used these as the swatch for all of the other pinks I purchased for the room, and also to match the pink door. The paint color is Graco Peach by Sherwin Williams. (Side note- the curtain rings were silver instead of gold, so I used a Gold Sharpie paint marker to make them gold.)

For tabletop, I decided to keep it simple instead of adding a changing table. Instead I got this lamp so I could incorporate more acrylic details to match the crib. It also comes in a floor lamp version! Additionally, you can't go wrong with plants! This monstera plant was the perfect amount of green with a modern feel. Lastly, the message board. I wasn't sure what I would write so I gave it to my oldest and asked him to write a message. He's learning how to spell so I knew it would turn out cute but when I saw what he wrote I cried! I have forbid everyone from changing it...EVER!

These letters were a last minute addition to the room but when I saw them they were perfect. I hadn't incorporated her name anywhere so these were just perfect! I thought about taking back the "R" and instead spelling out "LIV" but we'll see!

Unfortunately I have had this black glider for 8 years and have rocked a LOT of hours in it! That being said, it is absolutely nowhere to be found online. Additionally this foot rest is from Home Goods which actually means it's available for about 48 hours then you can never find it again, but good luck! Same with the gold night stand. (Home Goods I am obsessed with you but you really need a retail site!)

These bookshelves are a major knock-off, and you all know I LOVE a good knock-off! Some sites offer acrylic bookshelves at more than $200, but these bad boys were only $19 and I hung them myself!

The gold round mirror adds the sweetest touch. I love anything from Anthropologie!

Last but not least, and probably the most important thing in this room is my Lollipop Baby Camera! This is hands down better than any monitor I have used including Summer Infant systems. You can stream in from your phone and actually get a text-like alert to motion and noises! I have been using it in my boys room while I wait for baby girl and I am in love. Also, when my husband travels he can still peek into the boys room to say goodnight! Definitely important to have a safe and reliable camera for your little one!

That sums up Liv's room! Please send me an email or DM on Instagram if you have any further questions. This was so fun and I am so excited to finally share it with you!



Gold Chandelier

Acrylic Lamp


Crib Bumper

Floor Basket

Acrylic Cart

Lightbox Message Board

Monstera Plant



Monogram Letters

Acrylic Picture Frame

Round Gold Mirror

Large Flamingo

Ballerina Doll


Doll Crib

Lollipop Baby Camera


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