Before you jump to conclusions about how something in a "home decor" section could be life-changing, hang with me. Before my boys, I could live in the harmony of a once a week house cleaning, and things would pretty much "stay put" for the most part. Now? Every day is a battle! I know there are some mamas who are totally cool with clutter and messiness - which is fine - but not me. I just can't coexist with chaos. SO when I found this product, I realized that it may not solve ALL of my 'messy boys' clutter, it would certainly solve one huge problem - their BEDS!

Growing up, my mom had us make our bed every day. It would practically move her to tears if we forgot/didn't do it. It was crazy then, but now I totally get it! So when we decided to get bunk boys for the kids, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. Every single day, without fail, their beds were a disaster. Forget them making their beds - I could barely make them myself! So when I saw a fellow blogger mama Sandy Ballard (@theballardbunch) post about Beddy's Beds, I had to get my hands on them!

Beddy's Beds is an all-in-one bed system. Its a fitted sheet, minky blanket and comforter in one! The best part? It literally cannot get tangled. Why? BECAUSE IT ZIPS. I would like to HUG the lady who invented this (and yes, I know it was a girl who created this because it-is-genius.)

Now, there are no tangled sheets. No tucking. No pulling. No nothing! Just a quick ZIP and their beds are made. AND THEY CAN DO IT THEMSELVES WHICH IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Here's a before pic, a typical morning of them getting out of bed:

Here are the beds with BEDDY'S!

Just like a sleeping bag, this bedding ZIPS conveniently on both sides. Just unzip, climb in, and zip up! And in the morning? They just jump out, zip it up, and this is literally how it looks! The top pattern is called "Checked Out" and the bottom pattern is "Dash" -- I was going to get them in a matching pattern but I am so glad I mixed it up!

I can't say enough good things about Beddy's because on top of the time-saving convenience, the quality is also there! It's soft, perfectly fitting, and a really comfortable comforter! My kids love them and I am never going back!

Check them out here: @beddysbeds or online at!

**THROUGH THE MONTH OF OCTOBER** 5% of sales will be donated to Cancer Research and you can get 15% off your order with code: KICKCANCER

Happy Shopping!


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