Although I *didn't* do it on purpose, my boys almost have the exact same birthday. They're 3 years apart almost to the day, so we celebrate "BIRTHDAY WEEKEND" at our house! Hopefully they'll let me get away with it for a long time because combining their parties (since they have the same friends anyways) is just really convenient!

I had a really busy week for work this particular week, so we ordered everything off Amazon the week before. As it came in, I piled it into a closet and waited for the big day! I love Amazon Prime and the fact that I didn't have to go raid Party City like I used to.


I loved the idea of everyone's "party favor" being a costume that they could wear not only at the party, but at home! My boys still play in theirs constantly. I was SO impressed with these costumes, mainly because you get 5 full costumes that actually have a superhero logo on them, not just a blank cape like most of what you'll find online. The pack is $22 for 5 full costumes, so less than $5 per child. Totally worth it, and not sending kids home with candy is really nice!

Giant Balloons

We had so much fun with these for at least a week after the party. Because my kids like both Batman and Spiderman we ordered 36" balloons of each superhero. They were one of our main decorations!

Spiderman linked here

Batman linked here

Punch Balloons (parents worst nightmare)

We got 24 of these, blew them up, and threw them all over the house! Not only was it a fun decoration but it was easily accessible for all of the kids to grab and beat their siblings with!

Plates + Napkins

We are still using these -- how is it that no matter what, you always end up with leftover plates and napkins?! Since we had 2 different Superhero requests, these worked perfectly no matter who your favorite Superhero is!


I have to give it to a local vendor TACO CHOP for making the best Taco Bar in California! Due to our crazy hectic week we were feeling overwhelmed about preparing a meal for 40+ guests, so it was Taco Chop to the rescue! This local husband and wife literally were the HIT of the party. Homemade everything, even down to the tortillas! You can find them on Yelp with wonderful reviews!


We wanted to go local with the desserts and because we had a lot of guests with dietary restrictions, we wanted to be able to customize what we served. One of our favorite local breakfast restaurants is also a bakery after the breakfast hours are over, and we always admire what they have behind the counter! "It's All About The Cake" did such a great job, everybody loved the Batman/Spiderman cupcakes! You can book them at!

There you have it! The kids had fun, I think the parents had fun, only 2 kids got Pink Eye and Croup after the party (not kidding, I blame the Bounce House...notice I didn't link the company?!?) Hopefully this helps you plan the perfect Superhero party!


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