I realize there are *much* more important things going on in our world and MUCH more important things I could be writing about, but sometimes you just need to have some fun and talk about HAIR! I have always had coarse, half curly and REALLY frizzy hair. I couldn't even do my own hair until middle school because it was so hard to tame! Luckily I finally figured it out so I could stop treating my mom's room like a Dry Bar (thanks, mom.)

There are a few key products and tips I want to share that work really well for me! If you have really silky or really straight hair, this may not work for you, but its worth a try. The before and after above took exactly 12 minutes - I timed it!

First off, the products!

Oligo Professional Blacklight Shampoo + Conditioner:

I have color treated hair, so I use Oribe Blacklight Shampoo and Conditioner. It keeps the "cool" tones in my hair and keeps it from getting brassy. (Side note, I only wash my hair once a week! I sleep with it up and off my face, and I rarely use any product on it after doing my initial wash/dry.)

Unite Texturiza Spray:

This is so great for taming frizz! It locks in the beachy wave without weighing it down after styling. I love this stuff!

Unite 7-Seconds Glossing Spray:

Use this if your hair is just out-of-control frizzy. Could probably take the place of Moroccan oil, but is way lighter and doesn't add grease. I use this on my ends only, after drying and before styling.

Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist:

GOLD MINE. It's a toss up between this and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, but in the end, I love that this "sprays" so its easier to use! I spray this at my root and through my curls and shake it around and it gives instant crazy volume.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Curling Iron 1.25":

My curling iron is Paul Mitchell and it transforms my hair. I don't add any product to my hair after drying, this truly smoothes it out as I use it. I use really high heat to pull the curl out. Make sure to use the heat that works for you! As I said, I usually only curl it once or twice a week, and it lasts the rest of the time. So I am not baking my hair daily with heat!

3 Row Styling Comb:

I buy these 5 at a time. I have one in all my purses, in my car, and about 10 in my room! I love them! they are a few dollars but are worth way more because they work on everyone. Although I don't "backcomb" my hair like I used to, I still tease underneath near the root (just a little) after adding the Puff Me spray.

Wet Brush:

The best way to brush out your curls while keeping shine and without creating frizz! Always blend - never leave the curls tight!

How To:

I usually let my hair air dry overnight. When I dry it, it pulls the natural curl out and then my curls don't hold as well. In the first picture, that is air dried hair brushed out! From the before to the after, it only took me 12 minutes. And I have really long hair!

Here is a timelapse video. I left it all in there! Feel free to fast forward to the end, the middle can be a little repetitive!

1. Brush it out! (It may be a frizzy mess and that's okay!)

2. Start with the bottom section, side to side! Curl away from your face and leave the last 2 inches out to give it a 'beachy' look. Straighten the ends if necessary!

3. Once complete and before brushing the curls out, spray a light layer of Unite Texturizer Spray to lock curls in place. I do this in place of hairspray!

4. Brush your curls out with either your fingers or a Wet Brush.


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