I want to start off by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post, nor am I getting paid in any way to share this with you! This is my journey and I am so happy with the outcome (I wanted to give it a full 3 months before I shared). I do not work for Arbonne, I am just a happy customer!

I really had a hard time losing my "baby weight" after having Jude. The last 10 lbs just wouldn't come off, and I was always down about it. I tried so many things - from running my legs off to spending more time in the gym than I would like, and although I would feel stronger, I wasn't hitting my weight loss goals. (I still work out multiple times a week, I am just saying, without a proper diet you probably won't reach your weightloss goals!) I flipped open Instagram and my friend Lauren was posting about Arbonne. She showed her own before and after and I finally decided to do it. What I liked about what I saw was that it was not a magic pill, a magic tea or a diet at all! It was a lifestyle change. And that's just what I needed. I had a 60 day goal to reach a 10 pound weight loss before my 10th wedding anniversary - and I hit it! <3

The first thing I did was cut out gluten and dairy. Insert bucket loads of tears for my sharp cheddar nacho addiction! What I realized within 4 days was a COMPLETE difference in my body and my mind. I was thinking clearer, had WAY more energy, and was beginning to lose the "bloat" that had not come off with diets and exercise.

Along with that, I began to drink 1 vegan protein shake a day, supplement my coffee obsession with "Fizz Sticks" which is a vitamin energy pack you mix with water, and used the Arbonne FB group that Lauren heads up as a reference for so many amazing recipes! My good friend Amber also has a website @thegirlcooksclean and I weekly use her gluten free recipes. (Great healthy meals for kids on her blog too!)

Why am I sharing all of this? Because I want to. Because I feel better. Because I have gotten off medications. And because I have lost 10 pounds - and kept it off!

Lauren has so graciously given me the opportunity to share with you all what she shared with me, and that is access to this amazing program at a highly discounted price- just for my readers!

The offer includes:

-40% off the 30 day program

-A free gift

-Registration Fee waved ($29 value)

-You'll get entered into a drawing for $125 in product for $25

-Added to a closed FB group that is all the other ladies I've been doing this with! So much encouragement, so many recipes and just fun to be a part of.

If you are interested, or have questions, feel free to inbox me! I will set you up with Lauren and she will do the rest.

Thanks for reading!


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