I think it is so important to fight for time with each of your kids individually. We can fill our weekends with "family time" yet never realizing that most everything we do is scheduled around our 3 year old's schedule. We often have to leave fun places early (or within seconds thanks to the almighty meltdown) and that can leave the older ones having to be pretty flexible!

I love to follow my favorite local spots on Instagram and when I saw Casa Romantica's local event - a live panel with Disney employees and experts - I knew it would be the perfect thing to take Mason to! Five current "cast members" from Disneyland (most who had worked there for 20+ years) gathered to give insight and secrets behind the parks. We had so much fun and learned so much! I love listening to creative people discuss their ideas, processes and how they view working as a team with a constantly changing standard for excellence, while trying to maintain the classic and timeless magic of Walt Disney!

Here are some key points/tips that I wrote down! So many are adaptable in many lines of work.

1. As a rule, nothing should be beneath you. Even the top tier leaders in the company had to do manual labor from time to time. When you work for something you love, go all in and do whatever it takes! Show up and work hard!

2. Treat everyone you work alongside with respect! At Disney, the "roles" are constantly changing and adapting, and people who are under you could easily be your boss within a short amount of time!

3. Leave your ego at the door. At Disney - there literally is only one person's name on the door. Walt Disney is a legend! If you are in it to "make a name for yourself" you're in the wrong place.

4. They don't talk about their problems! The Disney cast (all 250,000 of them) refer to their issues as "exciting challenges" -- every bump in the road is an opportunity for improvement and growth.

5. Disneyland has become "the most Instagrammable place on Earth." Where before they would highlight "photo spots" and great angles for photos, now has to be EVERYWHERE! They are constantly improving the grounds and layout so that EVERY view is photo worthy!

I hope you enjoyed those little tips! I know I did! But more than that, the time together was truly priceless. I was so inspired as 75% of the room was over the age of 60! So many grew up going to and having a deep love for Disneyland, and I am so excited to be able to make those same memories with my family!