Growing up I have vivid memories of my house being filled with plants. FILLED! There was a plant store my mom would take me to (and she swears I was younger than 5) and I remember the way it looked, smelled, and even the owner's dog who would always be there. Ironically, as I grew into an adult (PRE-Joanna Gaines) I really didn't like plants much myself. In fact, at my wedding, I specifically requested "no greenery" in any of our bouquets! Oh, the irony! Just a few short years down the road and a move to an ACTUALLY sunny place, I am obsessed and I don't care who knows it.

I am probably showing my age that I get just as excited to go to our local plant store as I am to go shoe shopping, but I don't care. This is a hobby that the entire family can enjoy together. I pay the boys 25 cents per plant for watering and I love teaching them when and how to water each one the proper way.

What I love most about plants is it just gives your home LIFE! Our style is simple, most walls are white, and I just love the pop of green. I also like repurposing old containers for planting as well. I even have one of my favorites in a toothbrush holder from Target - can you guess which one?