Yes, I love Meghan Trainor, and no, I don't want my children singing her lyrics. Honestly, their little ears get more than I'd prefer just watching Disney movies. So what's a girl to do when driving in the car? As far as I am concerned, the iPad is reserved for long drives, airplanes, and "panic" moments when you seriously need to be quiet and/or appear to be well behaved.

What, then, can be done to initiate a mommy-and-me jam session that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out?

Behold... I bring you Bethel Kids music. There's an entire album of remade Bethel Music songs that are upbeat, life-giving and extremely well made. I have been known to listen to it alone a time or two! And if you're at home, pull up YouTube or Apple Music, because every song has an accompanying music video that will have your kids dancing in the living room. We love it! Definitely my "favorite find" of 2016!

UPDATE: There's more!! I am so excited that Bethel Kids just came out with a NEW album, Bright Ones, and you need to download it right away! I have actually been moved to tears while listening to this music with my kids in the car. So well done! And THANK YOU for saving my car rides -- the Moana soundtrack was starting to drive me insane!

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