Let me just start off by saying that today was one of "those" days. The special kind, where you feel like there must be hidden cameras capturing all of your calamity and misfortune. I am going to fast-forward to 4:30pm, as I placed my almost-still-clean children into my car to head to Barnes & Noble.

(Before you sigh and roll your eyes and assume that I am such a good mom that we must go here all the time - SCRATCH THAT and keep reading.)

So, as I was saying, we were headed to Barnes & Noble. Truthfully, I hadn't been there in years and the only reason I went is because I hate waiting for Amazon to ship things. And I am just annoying enough to want to feel a real life book in my hands.

We waltz in the door and immediately Mason needed to use the restroom. Perfect. Ten minutes later (it takes small children a really long time to use the restroom) we continued our search for 2 books, "Sacred Parenting" by Gary Thomas and "I Will Follow Jesus" by Judah and Chelsea Smith. I forgot to say, as I was explaining this little adventure to my oldest on the way, he whined and complained that "Jesus books are the most boring books!" Thank you, sweet little one. Thank you for reminding me why we are buying this book!

Twenty minutes later, as my children start to unravel, I still cannot find the books. The last time I was in library type of setting, I was using the Dewey Decimal system, which I am pretty sure no longer exists. I asked for help and... lucky me! They didn't carry the parenting book in the store but they could ship it to me (aka what I was trying to avoid). However, they did carry the children's book, so away we went.

Now, this is what I want to know. Who in this world decided to make the children's section of Barnes & Noble the most enticing (and expensive) TOY STORE in the world?? Who in the world can get their kids excited about books when there's volcano building kits, every Minion toy known to man, and every boy mom's nightmare - LEGOS! I kid you not, any small interest that Mason had previously had for finding a new book was completely destroyed. For the next 10 minutes while I frantically searched for the book that I was still looking for (there was no way I was leaving empty handed after all of this) I had to drag my over-tired son around as he loudly proclaimed "I don't want a book mom! Can I just have a toy?" *insert cringe here*

Needless to say, we left with zero legos and 1 children's Bible. Let's hope it does the trick!

And to you moms who conquer bringing your children to public places known for peace and solitude... I salute you!


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