Hi friends! My name is Lindsay Russo and I am a mama to Mason and Jude and baby girl, Liviana! My family and I recently relocated to Southern California and are falling more in love with it every day!  Follow this blog for lifestyle and personal shopping tips for kids, fashion, beauty and home decor.


Click on the "Angel House" tab for more information about our true passion, Angel House, which is a rescue initiative we began in India and Nepal where we collaborate with businesses and individuals to build rescue homes and provide fresh water for orphaned children and women rescued from the sex trade industry. 

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6 Mar 2019

I cannot even believe I just typed that title. She has a name! And a room! I have a daughter! WHAT?! This entire process has truly been too good to be true in so many ways. I have longed for a daughter for my entire life and I can't believe in 8 short week she will be...

22 Feb 2019

I am a sucker for unique nursery decor, but I am even more of a sucker for doing it myself at a fraction of the price! After scouring the internet for the perfect "find" I stumbled across a tutorial for a DIY rope rainbow. It seemed easy enough, and since the purchase...

8 Jan 2019

One thing that my husband and I have always been adamant about since before we had kids is that we wanted to travel with them! There is no experience in the world like traveling to new cities and countries. If you are able, it is an invaluable tool for teaching and cre...

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