18 Apr 2018

By nature, I am a very calm person.  It takes quite a bit to get me upset, and similarly, it also takes a really special thing for me to get overly excited about.  To some that can be seen as insensitive or boring, but to me, I have actually always secretly loved that about myself. Growing up when friends were sobbing over boys or getting into petty fights with one another, I was generally speaking on the sidelines with a slig...

20 Apr 2016

I love the beach.  Being from Kansas and now living with Michigan, I often wonder why I have spent nearly 30 years of my life away from it! We recently returned from a family vacation in Dana Point (love!) and I can hardly help myself when I stand and admire the beauty of God's creation while standing at the shoreline.  It's there, with your feet in the sand and the sun on your shoulders, that your mind becomes clear. Have you...

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