6 Mar 2019

I cannot even believe I just typed that title. She has a name! And a room! I have a daughter! WHAT?! This entire process has truly been too good to be true in so many ways. I have longed for a daughter for my entire life and I can't believe in 8 short week she will be here!

Creating Liviana's space was so fun, especially because I love decorating! It was really important to me for this space to be transitional so I wouldn't hav...

22 Feb 2019

I am a sucker for unique nursery decor, but I am even more of a sucker for doing it myself at a fraction of the price! After scouring the internet for the perfect "find" I stumbled across a tutorial for a DIY rope rainbow. It seemed easy enough, and since the purchase price was almost $200 I figured it was worth a try! (Although if you aren't crafty, click here to see the cutest Etsy shop full of rainbows!) Liv is not a "rainb...

5 Oct 2018

When we moved to California from Michigan, it was a great chance to get rid of all of the "stuff" we had accumulated in the 9 years we had been married. Since we had a basement with storage, we had more stuff than we realized! But the longer I live here, I realized that I could have done a way better job of clearing out the clutter. Since California homes generally do not have basements, closet space is REALLY important, as it...

2 Oct 2018

Before you jump to conclusions about how something in a "home decor" section could be life-changing, hang with me.  Before my boys, I could live in the harmony of a once a week house cleaning, and things would pretty much "stay put" for the most part. Now? Every day is a battle! I know there are some mamas who are totally cool with clutter and messiness - which is fine - but not me. I just can't coexist with chaos. SO when I f...

27 May 2018

If you have been in the market for a hanging chair for either indoor -or- outdoor, THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT from Serena & Lily! The best news? It's 20% off for Memorial Day! We have it hanging in our office and everyone loves it. It comes in white, too!

Shop the chair here

Use the code SUNNYDAYS20 for the discount!

I am also linking the pillows I styled it with:

Ivory Mongolian Fur Throw Pillow

Neutral Stripe Fringed Indoor/Outdoo...

19 May 2018

NO - this is not a pregnancy announcement!

One of my favorite things about our house is that it is a blank slate. Our last home was mostly greys and blues, and when we bought this house it was a whole lot of yellow! I have been so inspired lately by clean, simple decor with modern touches. Joanna Gaines has saved us all, am I right?! When we moved to California I was happy to leave some of my "farmhouse" behind and incorporate...

11 May 2018

Growing up I have vivid memories of my house being filled with plants.  FILLED! There was a plant store my mom would take me to (and she swears I was younger than 5) and I remember the way it looked, smelled, and even the owner's dog who would always be there. Ironically, as I grew into an adult (PRE-Joanna Gaines) I really didn't like plants much myself.  In fact, at my wedding, I specifically requested "no greenery" in any o...

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