6 Mar 2019

I cannot even believe I just typed that title. She has a name! And a room! I have a daughter! WHAT?! This entire process has truly been too good to be true in so many ways. I have longed for a daughter for my entire life and I can't believe in 8 short week she will be here!

Creating Liviana's space was so fun, especially because I love decorating! It was really important to me for this space to be transitional so I wouldn't hav...

8 Jan 2019

One thing that my husband and I have always been adamant about since before we had kids is that we wanted to travel with them! There is no experience in the world like traveling to new cities and countries. If you are able, it is an invaluable tool for teaching and creating memories! Through the past 7 years I have made a list of my travel "must-haves" and I wanted to share the short list with you!

First of all, I cannot stress...

2 Oct 2018

Before you jump to conclusions about how something in a "home decor" section could be life-changing, hang with me.  Before my boys, I could live in the harmony of a once a week house cleaning, and things would pretty much "stay put" for the most part. Now? Every day is a battle! I know there are some mamas who are totally cool with clutter and messiness - which is fine - but not me. I just can't coexist with chaos. SO when I f...

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